Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costume Con 29

So I'm back from New Jersey for Costume Con 29! Wanted to update the blog with everything :3

I kinda scared the kids :x

Backstage at the Masquerade Saturday night. I won Best Recreation in the Journeyman division :3 That makes 2 awards for Flamedramon! :D

Probably my favourite picture from the con, and it was a fluke. Randomly decided to go outside for some fresh air and lots of picture were had! :3

Backstage in the green room at the masquerade. HUGE Mokona from Tsubasa! Just had to hug him! (He was actually a french-canadian. There was a huge group from Quebec that attended :3)

Lets just say I hate automatic revolving doors... I got stuck T_T

Stopped to smell some nice flowers hehe :3

Overall I had a great time! Was sick pretty much the whole weekend because of the 10 hour drive up (I get car sick easily) but the con itself was great. Tons of panels and friends were met!