Friday, June 17, 2011

Drawing Spam!

Need to update because I'm just churning out these things at a rediculous rate......

Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Time No See

I haven't updated in SO long, and for that I apologize. This past month has been insanely busy with making two, yes TWO, full costumes for Anime North 2011. It was totally worth it as I won BEST IN SHOW :D for them, which is insane seeing as they were entered in the jounerman category and they apparently though we were better than the Artisans and Masters :x

But anyways, here's some pictures from Anime North! :)

The Sailor Scouts asked us to pose with them, to save Tuxedo Mask! How could I say no? D:

Poor Magikarp got scewered with the keyblade I made Riku :(

Just us hanging out and fooling around in our hotel room on friday night, getting ready for Saturday's big Masquerade.

We found an N and made him pose with us forever! Muahaha, revenge!

A Wild Neilizza appeared! Buizel used Glomp. It was super effective!

Our Riku again being all emo and smexy :3

So I found a Mudkipz...

One last picture of Riku, 'cause she's awesome :3

I've also had a chance to draw a bit, and here's a few pictures I've done.