Thursday, December 29, 2011

Huge Update/ Happy Holidays!

So since I last updated, I've basically just been crazy busy with school work, so this update is basically to catch up and make this thing up to date :)

My run and walk assignment for animation class.

My lift and toss assignment for animation class.

Here are my storyboards for "Leave Me Alone" motif in storyboarding.


As we do every year, the family and I went to see this year Ross Petty production, of which was "The Wizard of Oz". I've gotta tell you, last year's "Beauty and the Beast" was overall better, but the costume design/character of the scarecrow (now named Fig Newton, or Fig for short) was absolutely brilliant! I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and was even drawing him and taking notes of his costume during the performance. SO simple. SO unbelievable amazingly captivating.

Fig throwing water on to the Wicked Witch. Sadly, it doesn't work, but they melt her with a group hug instead!

Fig <3 I can't say enough about this costume design. Absolutely brilliant.

Ah, yes. And these plays would never seem write without the obligatory drag queen aunt. So great, hilarious.

Splenda, the good witch. Splenda's best line: "I eat doom for breakfast and pass gas in the form of Chuck Norris!" Yes, she went there.

Ross in all his evil, crossdressing glory. 

 Dorothy and Toto. :3 What a cute pair.

Fig, once again, because I love the guy, and Nap (Napoleon) the cowardly lion.

 Little sketch practicing couple scenes with Abby and Duke.

 And a little random rhino sketch I did in english class.

I hope you all have had a great Christmas with your loved ones, and may you New Year's be safe, happy and cherished with those around you. <3