Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flamedramon In The Village

Every year in my community, we have a halloween event where all the local businesses open their doors, hold events and give out candy for the little ones. I decided to go around and put some smiles on their faces!

Best. Picture. Evar!

Got tons of awesome hugs! :D

This little guy and me had a staredown before he ran into my arms for a hug :3

Little angel kept offering me her cookie. Hehe :3

Got swarmed by a ton of people at the balloon stand lol.

These two little S.W.A.T team members ambushed poor me! D:

More Duke...

Decided to upload some more little sketches of Duke and Dy; they're way too much fun to mess with lol.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hands And Feet

Here are the hands and feet for the life drawing assignment. This is the hands and feet simply scanned in, not the edited versions. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketch Dump

A few sketches from the summer that I still kinda liked and thought I'd put up of Duke and Dyanell.

Duke again; he demands to be drawn.... *sob* *bleeding hands*

Random 10 minute horse sketch.

Attempted, key word attempted, to draw one of my kid characters Llen. I can't draw kids for crap but I think I did an OK job on these.

One of my favourite cosplay groups was is in need of a new logo and decided to try to make them a nice one. Took me a few hours and I like how it turned out.

Marine Animal :3

So I decided on an orca whale, as I wrote earlier, and finally got a chance to pencil test it today. I'm realllyyyy happy with how it turned out! :D Hope you guys like it!

Buizel VIdeo...Finally

Finally got my Buizel video to work, uploaded it on to Youtube so it can be watched since it seems blogspot doesn't like this particular video lol.

Sorry the video is mostly sideways; had to turn the camera to fit th legs in :x Enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

More Buizel

The Buizel video decided to be a biatch and didn't want to upload so going to try it again. Also got some more pictures of Buizel's legs, better one's with no glare! Still in the roughing in stage; going to make the knee angle sharper and shave down the feet a bit.

Ok, so apparently this video doesn't want to cooperate so going to upload it on to Youtube and I'll give a link after.

Buizel Progress!

Hey all! Reading week wewts! Which means I can finally work on Buizel a bit, which I have been feverishly! He now has his legs blocked in a minimal carving to the thigh padding. The ankles (shin padding on the back) aren't carved as of yet but I will be doing that today. So here's some piccys and a video. Sorry about the weird flash on one picture and that the video's sideways; I had to turn the camera to get all of me in it. But enjoy!

Other than Buizel progress, I finished my character poses for class which I will probably upload later, and I've also finished the rough animation for the marine animal; I chose an Orca :3

Been really rainy and foggy the last few days so I haven't been able to do any of the cloud drawings like I've wanted to; hopefully it'll clear up soon so I can get those done!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Couldn't Resist

So after having a constant fever for 4 or 5 days, I think I'm finally starting to get over it; still a bit hot and feeling under the weather with a chest cough right now but fever seems to be dying down thankfully. Went to bed at 11 last night but couldn't fall asleep pretty much all night; got about 3 hours of sleep, if that much, so woke up and decided to watch my Anime North video clips to cheer myself up. Rewatched all of them and I absolutely can't resist uploading this one. 2 words: Giant Chocobo!

Now I'm off to school to take my English Midterm Exam on literally no sleep.... Fun fun...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

So my fleece adventure was a success! Was able to find my Toofless quadsuit buddy the fabric she wanted and at a price that she was ok with. The fabricland near me was having a huge Halloween sale and so I got some usually 17$ a meter fleece for 7$ a meter which was awesome. They had some absolutely gorgeous faux fur in a length I liked but it was a reddy pink which I probably wouldn't use in a personal suit, so I'll have to keep my eye out for some turquoise or blue that I like.

Feeling not too great today; have had a fever since last night. Luckily I finished most of my homework for this weekend yesterday so I've bee basically taking it easy today.

Also I got my first sewing machine yesterday which I'm stoked about! So exciting :3 And hopefully will get this fleece shipped out this week so my Toofless buddy can work on her suit soon! :3

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S and C Curve Excercise

Just a short in-class excercise we did on the s and c curve. Took about an hour and looks pretty decent. Working on the book page turn at the moment and then going to work on marine creature, hopefully a dolphin or whale. Enjoy!

I'm Atill Alive...Barely

I survived the painting assignment through luck lol. Not too happy with the final result, although I'm sure it could be worse. Going to hand it in and try not to worry about it.

Here's my lighting portion of the layout assignment. Pretty happy with how it came out although my scanner made it all grainy :/

A lot of projects in the works for Week 7 and 8 but going along well. Also going to checkaround different fabric stores this weekend to find some dark grey fleece for my Toofless quadsuit buddy :3 The fabric store near her won't be getting any fleece in until January which won't cut it seeing as she's aiming for a test run at GAnime in February. So gonna go out and search for her :3 Hopefully I'll find some nice fleece at a reasonable price :3

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Hate Painting....

Just spent what was supposed to be "holiday weekend" painting my 3 gouache paintings for a project... All waking hours were spent on them and I'm not happy with them at all... It doesn't help I was stressing the whole time because she's a hard marker :/

Aside from that, I actually got to work a bit on planning a new jaw mechanism for Buizel/Flamedramon/all the other suits I'm helping with. This one will be a lot more reliable, proffessional and look a lot better. If it works, I'll probably replace Buizel's jaw mechanism with this new one and may even try to replace Flamedramon's jaw too.

I also got to talk with an awesome cosplayer that I met at Anime North 2010 in the Masquerade. She was an amazing Anti-form Sora that I later discovered I had snatched a hug from earlier :3

She had such an amazing costume complete with huge shoes, apparently each weighing 4 pounds each o.o, huge zippers and glowing eyes. So this year, she's making a Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon, Quadsuit and I've been lucky enough for her to ask advice and help from me, which I'm thrilled to give :D

Here are some work-in-progress pictures of her amazing costume so far!

The eyes on her head light up with LEDs and inside the mouth is another light that can either flash or stay on/off to do Toothless' blue fire attack :3 She also has huge wings, each of which has a wingspan of 6 feet! D: It's insane, she can also open and close them as well as the tail fins. She's currently working on giving this guy some skin lol. Can't wait to see him when he's done!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Wild Pokemon Appears!

Hey guys!

Soooooooo, I thoroughly enjoyed making Flamedramon for Anime North 2010 and I improved 100 fold over Anime North 2009. For AN 2009 I took on a huge costume for my first, Kangaskhan from Pokemon, probably too big, but he turned out alright at the time. Looking back I'm still proud of how he looks but he wasn't durable at all; he's retired now because he's pretty much fallen apart :/ Here's a few pictures of him.

Sooooo, because I now have a fairly nice digimon costume, I decided to do a Pokemon for this year seeing as Kangaskhan died D: Had quite a few Pokemon I was thinking of doing and was touch to narrow it down; was deciding between Dragonite, Totadile, Buizel, and a few more. Butttttt after thinking of all the padding needed for Totadile and Dragonite and a few others, for my newest costume I decided to choose Buizel! So here are a few in-progress shots of the head, which is pretty much done being foamed, and the feet which need a little more shaping. :3

Compared to Flamedramon, when I step back and think of the padding on Buizel, he seems like child's play, not to sound conceited lol. But he's really only got foam on his head, feet and digigrade legs (animal shaped back legs, the "zigzag" legs). Flamedramon had a head twice as big as Buizel's, digigrade legs, huge tail, huge feet, huge "hand armour" and his vest on tope of everything. Just gotta make sure Buizel's awesome too : D.

Can't wait for later this year though; I've kinda put together a huge costuming group. We've got a Pokemon team made up of Myself as Buizel, my friend Michelle as Kecleon, my brother's head as Magikarp (lol) a friend from Anime North 2010 masquerade as Snorlax. :3 And we've got a Digimon group as well! Myself as Flamedramon, my friend Lauren as Angewomon, and another friend Alicia as Renamon! So it's going to be insanely fun running around as a group! :D

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And The Spam Continues!

Here's the baloon animation for the first animation assignment. Turned out ok, not as good as I'd like it.

And here's the last part of the first assignment: the almighty pendulum! Complete with hanging raccoon :3

And here's a little side thing I did. It was actually the first thing that was pencil tested, even before the rubber ball, and was just done for fun/experiment. My character Duke, formally just known as "The Douchebag" who now has a name, being a smug bastard as always. But ya gotta love him! Enjoy!

And here are some in-progress pictures as well as the final product of my big project that was finished in the summer: Flamedramon! Yes, you heard me right, it's everyone's favourite Digimon! Yes, I'm a total geek but meh, all of us have inner-nerd and I'm not afraid to show mine in the form of a huge, plush anime character lol.

Have always been enthralled by "mascot suits" as I knew them when I was younger, and always wanted one. Later learned that they were in fact not mascot suits but "fursuits" although he's made of fleece so technically not a fursuit but same difference. I myself am not a "furry" as most people know the community, upon hearing the word furry people automatically associate that with what the media has portrayed them as, which is sex-crazed freaks that fun around in animal costumes, which is totally not right. The actual furry fandom involves a LOT of roleplaying; be it roleplaying as a animal like character or anthro, simply enjoying dressing up, costumers, puppeteers and so on. There is maybe a 0.01 % of the furry community that are into the hardcore sexual stereotypes people think. ANYWAYS lol, My rant for the day.

This is only my 2nd year and 2nd costume, and I think he turned out pretty dam good for me still being a newbie at this.He took me 500-600 hours to make because he's all hand-sewed and cost me about 200-300 in total to make, which I think isn't bad at all. Still learning and improving costume to costume and what started out as just me doing these costume, has now this year alone expanded to me helping 7-10 other people make one of these. Pretty awesome! Anyone who's interested in these costumes/fandom/anything at all you're curious about, please feel free to ask away! I'm always glad to help out! :) Please excuse the quality of these pictures; I will be having a more professional photoshoot on reading week and will have some better pictures after that!

Me and my friend walking around and posing with a costuming idol of mine who made this wonderful Guilmon!

The pictures below are of the awesome Digimon Photoshoot at Anime North 2010 and again posing with the amazing Guilmon! :D

First Post!

Hey all! First blog post!

Just going to be spamming with some updates to get you all caught up on my current work, both for school and fun. Not much to say other than school's been really busy, as I expected, but not as bad as everyone was making it out to be. So here you go! Some animations for class as well as some personal costuming in-progress and finished works!

Simple character animation turn about for Character Design class.

My first animation! SO exciting! I've gotta tell you, it's one thing to draw your character in many different poses, regardless of how fantastic and movement filled they are, and then to actually see something YOU drew move... It's insane.

Probably the most frustrating of the 4 animations for the first assignment. Did it all in one day, not because I was late in it mind you, was actually finished a week before anyone else with this one, but because I was on a roll.... no pun intended. Sat down and 11 straight hours later... Voila! LOVE how it turned out, probably my favourite of the 3 balls. Enjoy!