Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Most Beautiful Death In The World

So I decided, since this has been a huge part of my life recently, that I'd share this with you guys.
Not sure how many of you are anime watchers, but this is the 2nd musical based on the series called Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). And I must say, they REALLY outdid themselves. The first musical was really well done as well, but this one is incredible. They really pushed the dark side of this series, which I'm glad they did because it really reflects what the anime themes are, and they really played with lighting a lot, in a good way; basically every scene had some sort of crazy lighting that enhanced it. The songs too.... I can't even give justice to them; they are stunning. Especially some of the sad/emotional songs, they give me shivers... I swear to god, I have never heard such amazing voices before, and this is live! It's incredible.

So here are some screenshots of this amazing production!

Poor Ciel's not having a good day...

So Ciel commands Sebastian to show Undertaker the meaning of "love". Only solution? To since a burlesque song of course!

Any of you who know this series know this is SO typically Grell it's amazingly hilarious... For those of you who don't, yes that is a grown man in woman's langerie hehe. One word: Sleepover!

Amazing song and scene, won't give anything away but one of my favourite parts.

My favourite part hands down... I can't even describe how absolutely breathtaking this one song is...
Gorgeous lighting and SNOW! for the last scene! :3

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