Monday, February 7, 2011

One Hell Of A Weekend...

Sooooo, interesting weekend. My illustration best buddy Michelle came over because I offered to help her with a huge maquete scene she had due on Monday. We thought it'd only take us friday and maybe a bit of saturday morning, but it took us friday, all day saturday and most of the day sunday just to do the 3 figures. The 2 bigger figures, the gryphon and mock turtle, are each about 6 or 7 inches tall and very intricate and Alice is about 4 inches tall; Michelle had the armatures essentially done and partially covered before friday, so we each sculpted a figure-- she the gryphon and Alice, and me the mock turtle. Took us forever, and by the end we were both ready to kill ourselves, but all of them turned out amazingly and so glad to have helped her otherwise I don't think she would've had the time to finish; some of her classmates had 7 figures to do and I pity them lol

Anywaysssss here are the maserpieces! :3

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