Thursday, July 5, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Long time no see! It has been a LONG time since I've been able to post anything up here for everyone. I've had a taxing summer (to say the least) so I apologize for not being very active on here. But I'll bring you all up to date! At least on the art front!

My beak lip sync assignment from school.

My muzzle lip sync assignment from school.


I've always loved creating things in 3D, probably moreso than flat art, simply because you're bringing something physically to life. A few days ago I decided to teach myself how to crochet dolls and here's the result! More will surely be on the way!

Below is a little doodle of Abby and Duke (being his ever-graceful self)

This summer, a friend and I also started a small business on the side, making these dolls. I've done the original sculpts, then with silicone, made master molds for all the parts, so they can be remade over and over with plastic acrylic and resin. TADA!

And last, but certainly not least; this years' costume!

For my costume this year, as I thought it may be the last in a while due to Co-op next year, and then 4th year proceeding it, I decided to go all out. Because of that, I decided to take on a quadsuit. This suit features a TON of extra features, which includes:

Jointed front arm stilts
Fans in each stilt that turn on and off via a switch
Nearly 15-20 pounds of padding with apholstery foam
Head mounted costume head
LED glowing eyes in the head
Moving jaw in the head
Silicone nose, hand painted and cast resin eyes
Head mounted tether that attaches to my back via straps as the head weighs nearly 10 pounds
and much more!

Progress shots:

Me, utterly exhausted trying to finish this silly costume in time for the convention and competition...

 First test run with all the padding (the head has no tether here so I'm struggling to keep it up)

My Masquerade Entry! I was in the Artisan division and took home 2 international awards!

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