Sunday, December 12, 2010

Damn You Twisty Vase!

So here's my still life for painting glass. Sorry for the scan, a bit of the vase got cut off. I quite like how the tea pot turned out, but that stupid vase gave me hell and I really don't think it turned out as good as the tea pot. But, alas, that's life and I'm just happy the tea pot looks good.

I tried to upload my ball and tail animation but sadly it exceeds the limit for uploading :/


  1. I like the vase! There's nothing in mine that I like, lol. Maybe I'll finally be able to relate to people who've failed one of Maureen's paintings after this. XD With your ball and tail, how bout uploading it to YouTube and embedding it?

  2. Aw thanks. And I'm sure yours it great! Yeah, I'll try the youtube thingy :3 Hehe.