Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The White Stuff :3

Haven't posted in a while which I apologize about :/ Been so busy with school; it's been an insane last few weeks. But it's december now! I can't believe it's 2 and a half weeks until christmas.... That's insane! I haven't even thought of what to get my parents or brother :/ Augh.... But hey, after these next few insane weeks, break time! I think all of us in animation are just gonna die the moment we get out on friday... I know I am.

But I'm really looking forward to getting time to work on my costumes. Going to have a few people over to work on costumes and will hopefully have Buizel done or close to it, and Kecleon and Angewomon well on their ways as well. Got my plastic supplies yesterday which I'm thrilled about; sheets for my jaw mechanism and thermoform rods for tails woot! I'm pretty excited to finally have those; been wanting them for a while.

Anyways! Enough rambling. Hope everything's going well for everyone out there and that life keeps treating you well~

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