Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kecleon Costume Update

Here's an update for Kecleon! I haven't taken a decent picture of Buizel's updated head but figured I'd wait until the tail was done. Please keep in mind this costume is NOT made for me, it's being made for a friend who's a bit taller and skinnier than me so it may look a bit odd. Enjoy!

I'm SO thrilled with this tail. First time for this type of armature for me, and it turned out great. It bounced when you walk or move, and the middle swirl also moves independantly.


  1. *Squeel* Kecleon you say?! I'm so excited to see this one!
    PS. In case you didn't notice... but I love Kecleon! And you!... yes... <3 hearts <3 XD

  2. Haha xD Didn't know you were so fond of him hehe. And me :3 <3 xD