Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Update !

Hope everyone had an awesome New Year's and is enjoying our far-too-short break :3

Just wanted to do an update on what's been going on lately. I've pretty much been art-drained for the past few weeks; have only drawn maybe once or twice and been kinda lollygagging around most days, working on costumes when I feel like it. Haven't continued to work on my extra animation or even started studying for the bone test :x Oh well, I'll be fine.

So! Without further adeu here is some costume progress!

So this isn't exactly something I made recently, but I've had it on my dresser for quite a while now and never gotten around to photographing it. I made this probably 3 or 4 years ago as one of my very first cosplay related projects. If any of you know the anime Blood +, this is "The Phantom's" (Karl's) mask.

It wraps all the way around my head and is pretty sturdy. It's made off a base felt mask which I then attached cardboard to to get the shape and then used plaster strips. Of course it was then sanded and painted to match the real mask's colour. I'm still quite in awe that I did this so long ago lol. Still love it

On to the recent stuff~!

I'm doing quite a few costume this year, either completely on my own, helping other people with their first ones or teaching people how to do it and stepping in to offer help/supervise/blah blah. This one if Kecleon, from Pokemon, and is obviously his tail. I've tried a lot of new costuming techniques for this years' costumes, one of which being thermoformable pvc, in this case to make a springy armature.

I've uploaded this guy's head before but I basically redid the whole bottom half this break to replace his jaw with a new mechanism of my own design. I just wasn't happy with the reliablility and look of the elastic jawset and so I designed my own with pvc sheeting.

Right now it's just taped in but this is basically how it will look. :3 I'm pretty excited about it and I think it's going to be what I'll stick with from now on.

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