Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And The Spam Continues!

Here's the baloon animation for the first animation assignment. Turned out ok, not as good as I'd like it.

And here's the last part of the first assignment: the almighty pendulum! Complete with hanging raccoon :3

And here's a little side thing I did. It was actually the first thing that was pencil tested, even before the rubber ball, and was just done for fun/experiment. My character Duke, formally just known as "The Douchebag" who now has a name, being a smug bastard as always. But ya gotta love him! Enjoy!

And here are some in-progress pictures as well as the final product of my big project that was finished in the summer: Flamedramon! Yes, you heard me right, it's everyone's favourite Digimon! Yes, I'm a total geek but meh, all of us have inner-nerd and I'm not afraid to show mine in the form of a huge, plush anime character lol.

Have always been enthralled by "mascot suits" as I knew them when I was younger, and always wanted one. Later learned that they were in fact not mascot suits but "fursuits" although he's made of fleece so technically not a fursuit but same difference. I myself am not a "furry" as most people know the community, upon hearing the word furry people automatically associate that with what the media has portrayed them as, which is sex-crazed freaks that fun around in animal costumes, which is totally not right. The actual furry fandom involves a LOT of roleplaying; be it roleplaying as a animal like character or anthro, simply enjoying dressing up, costumers, puppeteers and so on. There is maybe a 0.01 % of the furry community that are into the hardcore sexual stereotypes people think. ANYWAYS lol, My rant for the day.

This is only my 2nd year and 2nd costume, and I think he turned out pretty dam good for me still being a newbie at this.He took me 500-600 hours to make because he's all hand-sewed and cost me about 200-300 in total to make, which I think isn't bad at all. Still learning and improving costume to costume and what started out as just me doing these costume, has now this year alone expanded to me helping 7-10 other people make one of these. Pretty awesome! Anyone who's interested in these costumes/fandom/anything at all you're curious about, please feel free to ask away! I'm always glad to help out! :) Please excuse the quality of these pictures; I will be having a more professional photoshoot on reading week and will have some better pictures after that!

Me and my friend walking around and posing with a costuming idol of mine who made this wonderful Guilmon!

The pictures below are of the awesome Digimon Photoshoot at Anime North 2010 and again posing with the amazing Guilmon! :D

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