Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Atill Alive...Barely

I survived the painting assignment through luck lol. Not too happy with the final result, although I'm sure it could be worse. Going to hand it in and try not to worry about it.

Here's my lighting portion of the layout assignment. Pretty happy with how it came out although my scanner made it all grainy :/

A lot of projects in the works for Week 7 and 8 but going along well. Also going to checkaround different fabric stores this weekend to find some dark grey fleece for my Toofless quadsuit buddy :3 The fabric store near her won't be getting any fleece in until January which won't cut it seeing as she's aiming for a test run at GAnime in February. So gonna go out and search for her :3 Hopefully I'll find some nice fleece at a reasonable price :3


  1. :O, so you'll be grabbing some fleece for her!
    I can check out the Queen FabricLand if you need me too sometime

  2. Yeah, gonna check out the Fabricland by us, I REALLY hope they'll have some. If they don't, I'll probably ask you to check around for me.