Monday, October 11, 2010

I Hate Painting....

Just spent what was supposed to be "holiday weekend" painting my 3 gouache paintings for a project... All waking hours were spent on them and I'm not happy with them at all... It doesn't help I was stressing the whole time because she's a hard marker :/

Aside from that, I actually got to work a bit on planning a new jaw mechanism for Buizel/Flamedramon/all the other suits I'm helping with. This one will be a lot more reliable, proffessional and look a lot better. If it works, I'll probably replace Buizel's jaw mechanism with this new one and may even try to replace Flamedramon's jaw too.

I also got to talk with an awesome cosplayer that I met at Anime North 2010 in the Masquerade. She was an amazing Anti-form Sora that I later discovered I had snatched a hug from earlier :3

She had such an amazing costume complete with huge shoes, apparently each weighing 4 pounds each o.o, huge zippers and glowing eyes. So this year, she's making a Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon, Quadsuit and I've been lucky enough for her to ask advice and help from me, which I'm thrilled to give :D

Here are some work-in-progress pictures of her amazing costume so far!

The eyes on her head light up with LEDs and inside the mouth is another light that can either flash or stay on/off to do Toothless' blue fire attack :3 She also has huge wings, each of which has a wingspan of 6 feet! D: It's insane, she can also open and close them as well as the tail fins. She's currently working on giving this guy some skin lol. Can't wait to see him when he's done!


  1. i love painting! dunno about guahce stuff though. just oils for me :)

  2. I actually like goauche although not for this particular project :/ It was too rigid.