Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Post!

Hey all! First blog post!

Just going to be spamming with some updates to get you all caught up on my current work, both for school and fun. Not much to say other than school's been really busy, as I expected, but not as bad as everyone was making it out to be. So here you go! Some animations for class as well as some personal costuming in-progress and finished works!

Simple character animation turn about for Character Design class.

My first animation! SO exciting! I've gotta tell you, it's one thing to draw your character in many different poses, regardless of how fantastic and movement filled they are, and then to actually see something YOU drew move... It's insane.

Probably the most frustrating of the 4 animations for the first assignment. Did it all in one day, not because I was late in it mind you, was actually finished a week before anyone else with this one, but because I was on a roll.... no pun intended. Sat down and 11 straight hours later... Voila! LOVE how it turned out, probably my favourite of the 3 balls. Enjoy!

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