Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Wild Pokemon Appears!

Hey guys!

Soooooooo, I thoroughly enjoyed making Flamedramon for Anime North 2010 and I improved 100 fold over Anime North 2009. For AN 2009 I took on a huge costume for my first, Kangaskhan from Pokemon, probably too big, but he turned out alright at the time. Looking back I'm still proud of how he looks but he wasn't durable at all; he's retired now because he's pretty much fallen apart :/ Here's a few pictures of him.

Sooooo, because I now have a fairly nice digimon costume, I decided to do a Pokemon for this year seeing as Kangaskhan died D: Had quite a few Pokemon I was thinking of doing and was touch to narrow it down; was deciding between Dragonite, Totadile, Buizel, and a few more. Butttttt after thinking of all the padding needed for Totadile and Dragonite and a few others, for my newest costume I decided to choose Buizel! So here are a few in-progress shots of the head, which is pretty much done being foamed, and the feet which need a little more shaping. :3

Compared to Flamedramon, when I step back and think of the padding on Buizel, he seems like child's play, not to sound conceited lol. But he's really only got foam on his head, feet and digigrade legs (animal shaped back legs, the "zigzag" legs). Flamedramon had a head twice as big as Buizel's, digigrade legs, huge tail, huge feet, huge "hand armour" and his vest on tope of everything. Just gotta make sure Buizel's awesome too : D.

Can't wait for later this year though; I've kinda put together a huge costuming group. We've got a Pokemon team made up of Myself as Buizel, my friend Michelle as Kecleon, my brother's head as Magikarp (lol) a friend from Anime North 2010 masquerade as Snorlax. :3 And we've got a Digimon group as well! Myself as Flamedramon, my friend Lauren as Angewomon, and another friend Alicia as Renamon! So it's going to be insanely fun running around as a group! :D

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