Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flamedramon In The Village

Every year in my community, we have a halloween event where all the local businesses open their doors, hold events and give out candy for the little ones. I decided to go around and put some smiles on their faces!

Best. Picture. Evar!

Got tons of awesome hugs! :D

This little guy and me had a staredown before he ran into my arms for a hug :3

Little angel kept offering me her cookie. Hehe :3

Got swarmed by a ton of people at the balloon stand lol.

These two little S.W.A.T team members ambushed poor me! D:


  1. this is so funny, did kids know who you were? or was it to in the past for them? I dont even remember this digimon i only watched the first season :(

  2. wait did kyle take these pics? did you need someone to help you around cause vision is bad in these suits?

  3. Nah, most of the kids kept calling me a Pokemon or a dinosaur lol; it was more our generation Digimon was.

    Mom actually took these pictures; she came around with me as my handler. Not so much because my vision's bad, although it is restricted, but because of my restricted movement with the huge feet and not having my actual hands, and for protection essentially. Most of the kids were good, but there were a few that got rough with me; one of them grabbed my leg padding, twisted it all the way around and ripped half of it off.